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Cancellation announcement of salmon fishing in Churui river.
Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, we regretfully annouce the cancellation of salmon fishing in Churui river of this 2020 season.
All the events will be cancelled, and no fishing license will be issued during the whole season.
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
We will be considering to re-start Churui river while monitoring the situation, and the updates will be annouced on our website.

Churui River Salmon Fishing in Japan

Welcome to the Salmon Fishing in Japan of Churui River website!!

Churui River Salmon Fishing in Japan

Before come to fishing.

1, you must need to take entry. “ entry form”
*** Caution*** if you don’t take entry, you can’t fish at Churui river. Don’t forget!!!

2, when you coming to Churui-river. You need to rent a car. Public bus schedule is very few our office is very far from each town.

  Search for car hire

3, we don’t have campsite at near the river. You must book to any accommodation at Shibetsu town or Nakashibetsu town.
When the autumn. This place is very cold, sometime - temperature at night.

4, please check “fishing regulation”




1, when you come to fish here that must go to Churui salmon fishing management office.
“Perform procedure for fishing” and “payment for fishing fee”. After then you can get the salmon!

Fishing fee
One day ticket               4,000 yen
3 days ticket               9,000 yen
Annual ticket               15,000 yen
Morning ticket               3,000 yen
*you can fish from the morning of the beginning until noon

Afternoon ticket                2,000 yen
*you can fish after PM to end time


 Management office
season         Open     Close   Fishing time
Aug 3th~Aug 31th   5:00   17:00   5:30~16:30
Sep 1th~Sep 30th   5:30   16:30   6:00~16:00
Oct 1th~Nov 4th     6:30   15:30   7:00~15:00


2, we have couple fishing area. First area has 5km; this area you can take to “lure fishing” and “fly fishing”.
Second area has 10km, you can take to “bait fishing”, “lure fishing” and “fly fishing”.
If you are go to second area. Please tell to the fishing office staff who will give your permit license.

3, both areas, all catch & release. But you can bring couple of salmon.

4, you can use one single point hook only. You can’t use double hook and treble hook.
Including every snagging method.( metal jig too)


5, you can’t use gaff hook for landing a fish.

6, at the end of fishing daily, you have to fill in the report from and return it to the management office.

7, only Japanese speaker in management office.

8, keep any garbage with you.

9, can’t cooking and fish cleaning at river-side and management office.( include barbeque)

10, if you are special help need, please e-mail.

11, any trouble are being asked understand all above rules fully. In case of any violations may be asked to return permission card.

the management can’t accept responsibility for the loss or damage from any cause.

Entry (June.1.2019 ~ September.30.2019)
< Entry Finished >

Salmon fishing history.

Under the Japanese Fishery Law, Salmon fishing in Japan in river is not lawful.
(You can fish however for salmon in the sea.).
So why we can fish for Salmon at Churui River in Shibetsu?

1.The Fishery Agency Japan was forced to rationalize Trout and Salmon hatcheries program in Hokkaido.

2.The Churui River (Hatchery) was selected as one of the hatcheries to stop its duties, i.e., to catch, hatch, farm and release trout and salmon.

3.After that every autumn the Churui River is full of Pink salmon and Chum salmon.

Some key members in Shibetsu Town Office, Shibetsu Fishery Cooperative and Hokkaido Sports Fishing Society held a committee meeting to start a movement for Sports fishing of Salmon in the Churui River and to open the river to sport fishing.

Meetings were held many times between the concerned Government and our group.

1995 was a memorable year for sport fishing in Japan. The committee came to an agreement with the Hokkaido Government (and with the consent of the Japanese Government.) to fish Pink salmon and Chum salmon in the Churui River under the restrictions

During the year 1999, 9,300 fishermen and women enjoyed Salmon and Trout fishing at the Churui River in Shibetsu town. They were not only local people from Japan but also from Korea and even US air force personnel from Hawaii.

When I met with those foreign fishermen at the Churui River, I always asked them.
“Why did you come to here?” their answer was very simple. “So many attractive Chum here. And Alaska is now too crowded.”

Please come and enjoy Your Salmon Fishing at the Churui River. We are looking forward to seeing you here.